Life Lessons

Life Lessons
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As COVID19 plunged the world into perpetual isolation in 2020, I started to write more to make sense of a world in chaos. These writing evolved to become personal lessons learnt from the day.

In September 2021, I decided to share my daily life lessons on this blog.

What are life lessons about?

Life Lessons are brief daily reminders to bring out our best selves and live a fulfilling life. These lessons are inspired by books on philosophy, psychology, productivity, mindfulness, spirituality, and personal experiences.

How did life lessons start?

The idea came in my daily reflections during the global 2020 lockdown. Writing had always been my go-to tool to help me find clarity in times of confusion.

These daily reflections evolved and became daily lessons. Inspiration for these lessons came from everywhere; from books I've read, videos I've watched and deep conversations I've had with loved ones. One day, an idea sparked...

Why not share them with the world?

While these lessons may not be relevant or applicable to everyone, I hope that releasing them out to the world might help the right person at the right time. We all need that slight nudge or little guidance to help us become better people and lead a more fulfilling life.

What's the update on life lessons?

As of March 2022, more people are getting vaccinated. Countries are opening their borders. Restriction measures have eased.

Life began to move again, like the groaning of a rusty old cog, and my internal compass tugged me towards a different purpose.

Miss Elle Tea's Life Lessons reached a good milestone of 6 months, rather than the 1 years I had initially intended. Eventhough I've decided not to post life lessons daily, I will continue publishing life lessons as I transition and settle into this new phase in life.

I will share more about upcoming projects as it takes shape. If you'd like to receive updates, subscribe to my newsletter where you'll receive updates directly in your inbox. Or check out the About page when you have the time, feel curious or when the thought of this blog (or me) crosses your mind.

Please enjoy this collection of Miss Elle Tea's life lessons.

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