Win or Escape The Rat Race

Our society is built with systems and structures that help keep everyone in their place and role. In a democracy, the leaders get elected. In a company, you work your way up the hierarchy.

It is a race where you work hard, compete or manipulate others so that you can accumulate money, gain fame and achieve status. Yet, is this really what life is about?

The rat race system works for some. Its predictability keeps people content. Its rules makes people feel safe.

For others, they struggle and become frustrated. They remain a rat in a race they didn't agree to participate in. Yet, they are fearful to escape it.

Only a few break out of the system. They choose to quit the race. Instead, they venture out of the system, into the unknown and pursue different paths.

Unfortunately, even if you win, you are still a prisoner. Despite knowing this, you remain a player in the system. If the rat race is not for you, you need to break out from the system and explore alternatives.

Anything is possible.

If you win the rat race, you're still a rat. Anna Quindlen

Inspired by A Short Guide To A Happy Life by Anna Quidlen