Different Ideas Of A Good Relationship

People have complicated ideas of what makes a good relationship. Each person carries their unique definition of a good relationship. These ideas are inherited from the stories shared, the media consumed, and our heritage passed down by our community.

For some, a relationship is having a partner who has the same interests, thoughts or can do everything together. For others, the ideal relationship is that each person conforms to their socially constructed gender roles. The male provides, and the female nurtures.

People have different ideas of what makes a good relationship. When your partner does not conform to your ideals, you may persuade, manipulate or cajole them into changing. They may do the same to you. As such, disappointments, misunderstandings and conflict are bound to arise.

Each relationship has its own rules. You need to step back and limit your expectations. For your relationship to work, take the time to discuss and agree on what makes you both happy, what makes you both want to stay.

Only when this has been agreed, contentment in the relationship will follow. Have this vital discussion soonest possible.