Action Makes Progress

Progress is determined by actions. When there is action, there are results.

Yet, some actions feel like progress but is not. Busy work is activities in the preparing and planning of action. Action is activities that brings you directly to your goal. For example, busy work can be endless research for the ideal yoga studios. While the action is to complete 1 yoga routine two times a week.

Some busy work cannot be avoided. But, the danger lies in spending too much time and being too comfortable with busy work. So much so that the real action never starts. For example, to create the desired minimalist life, you endlessly organise and categorise stuff, when you're supposed to reduce them.

Taking action can be challenging. Because taking action means changing your current situation. People inherently dislike change.

To remain in the status quo, people find ways to distract themselves. They procrastinate and justify the procrastination. For example, endlessly scrolling through job ads but not apply for them because their current job is "good enough" and they can "handle it".

Reduce busy work. Take action, and you will see progress.