Grow Old Gracefully

Growing old is the nature of all living things. For people, growing old is our body's decreasing ability to recover from the wear and tear of life.

Growing old gracefully is our ability to accept this natural process with appreciation and care for what life has given us.

Growing old does not happen abruptly. People grow old with every experience gained, lesson learned or wound healed. It is the recognition that your body has physical and mental limitations. And you cannot know or do everything as before.

In the process, you begin to see yourself in younger others, chuckle as they fumble, yet know that things will be alright. You also see yourself in older others and become humbled by their journeys, yet open to seeking advice.

Gradually, there is a greater desire for simplicity over complexity, slowness over speed.

Growing old gracefully is the deep acknowledgement that you've done all you can, with what you have been given, and to the best of your abilities.

Mostly, it's to be grateful for all of life's peaks and troughs, for you would not have wanted it any other way.