Doing Things For Its Own Sake is Unconditional Love

Many spend their lives doing things they do not desire. This is because society dictates that it's better to get a degree, a job, a house and start a family. Being an artist/singer/actor doesn't pay, and you'll starve.

Some people believe this and forget about what brings them love and joy. To escape dreary jobs and fulfil society's expectations, people get caught up in the hype of trends instead.

Slick financial gurus promising untold riches. Polished social influencers publishing 2D glamour. Aggressive start-ups founders claiming to change the world. Following the hype does not necessarily lead to love or happiness. Instead, you may lose money, waste time and become disappointed.

Have the courage to follow your heart. Do things for its own sake.

Create art, write, sing or do anything and without expecting any returns. Do it for pure enjoyment.

The more you do things for their sake, the more you realise that it is no longer about money, fame or status. It's about expressing unconditional love.

Your life will be filled with generosity, joy and compassion. Then, what you do becomes food for your soul, your expression of love and the very essence of your life.

Inspired by Eric Jorgenson's The Almanack Of Naval Ravikhant