The Good Life Needs Courage

The Good Life consists of a broader and richer range of experiences. It is more than feeling happy, content and enjoyable, and it is more than material comfort and wealth.

In the Good Life, you allow the universe to take you to where you need to go so that you can evolve and transform. This may mean meeting the right people at the right place and time, which results in miracles.

Or it can mean meeting the wrong people at the wrong place and time, resulting in catastrophe. Or it can be an unpredictable mixture of both. Either way, its purpose is to stretch, grow and make you into a different person.

The Good Life means being open, accepting and embracing all of life's experiences. In doing so, you become more sensitive to the subtleties of people and the environment. You get frequently frightened in facing the unknown and untested. Yet, these uncertainties will stretch, grow and transform you. And so, you need courage.

If you truly desire more than just a routine life, find the courage and launch yourself into the flow of the universe.

Inspired by Carl Rogers' On Becoming a Person