You Are Your People

People are social creatures, and a person cannot exist without others. Without a son, there is no mother. Without a husband, there is no wife. Without employees, there is no employer.

You are because of the people around you. Your norms, beliefs, habits, quirks and values come from them. While you cannot choose some relationships, you can always choose who to surround yourself with.

In life, it is best to be surrounded by more compassionate, happier and forgiving people than yourself.

Compassionate people are kind, supportive and will be there when you are at your worst. They have your back or will hold your hand in your most vulnerable.

Happy people ease the passing of time and create joyful environments. Their presence lifts the spirit and keeps you optimistic in times of strife.

Forgiving people are those who recognise your weaknesses and human fallibilities, despite being hurt by your words or action. They embrace your authentic self fully and choose to stay anyway.

When you surround yourself with happy, compassionate and forgiving people, you will become one too.

Inspired by Eric Jorgenson's The Almanack of Naval Ravikhant.