Think Opposite

Our world that constantly tells us what to do.

Become rich, like Jeff Bezos or Jack Ma. Become beautiful, like the Instagram influencers. Become famous, like YouTube stars.

It is easier to follow the crowd. Norms are tried paths for it doesn't require deep thinking. Though sooner or later, norms no longer take you to your goal, and you get stuck.

When you're stuck, think the opposite.

Thinking the opposite means you stop following the herd and begin to view the situation from a distance. It means you stop following the norm and start doubting them. It means you stop believing society's messages and start thinking for yourself.

Thinking the opposite does not mean going against everything and everyone. Neither does it mean that the opposite will come true or that you agree with it.

Instead, thinking the opposite will help to open your mind to hidden possibilities and alternative perspectives. Opposite thinking can further enrich your existing ideas or views.

So, start walking on the left instead of the right. Write with your other hand. Look up to the sky instead of down to the ground.

Begin today.