No One Can Love You More Than Yourself

Love is a natural and fundamental need for everyone. People seek love from others to establish a connection, seek approval, raise self-esteem and much more.

Yet, love is complicated. People express and receive love differently, which changes as people explore and grow in the world.

And so, there is a constant negotiation of how people show and accept love from each other. Often, people don't get it right, and disappointment ensues. Disappointed often enough, people will assume that love doesn't exist.

For example, a mother lovingly bakes a birthday cake for her excited child, only to find it uncool years later when a birthday trip is preferred. The mother feels rejected and unloved, and the teen feels misunderstood and unloved.

Only you can love yourself as to how you want to be loved.

When there is self-love, you are showing others how to love you. Others can learn what you need to feel loved. In doing so, you will also inspire others to love themselves, and you can learn what your loved ones need to be loved.  Start by reflecting upon

What makes you happy?

Act on it.

Inspired by Kasia Urbaniak's Unbound: A Woman's Guide to Power