The Most Important Relationship Is With Yourself

You are with yourself at all hours of the day and at all moments of your life. Yet, many people don't take the time to build a relationship with themselves.

If you have a bad relationship with yourself, it is uncomfortable to be alone. You will find many distractions to keep you away from yourself. You might latch onto an addiction, or constantly surround yourself with people or drown yourself in meaningless work.

If you have a good relationship with yourself, you're comfortable being alone. Wherever you are, you'll have a good time entertaining, exploring and learning about yourself.

How you treat yourself is how you treat others too. If you're critical with yourself, you are also critical with others. If you're kind to yourself, you will be kind to others. If you're accepting of your flaws and vulnerabilities, you know how to accept others as well.

To build a relationship with yourself, you need to be honest. Imagine sitting next to yourself and ask,

How are you doing? What's going on?

Be open, kind and accepting of the answer. Continue this life-long conversation daily.