Be Kind To Imperfections

Today, the world demands perfection. Perfection is a state of flawlessness and completeness.

The perfect skin has no wrinkles, dimples, pimples, pores or multiple tones.

The perfect home is when things are in their rightful place; clean, sparkling and untouched.

The perfect partner is faultless, who does everything to your expectations and desires.

Perfection comes from the fear of not being good enough, being blamed for flaws, or failing to achieve completeness. Ultimately, it is the fear of rejection. In achieving perfection, you reject yourself instead.

A perfect person is not real. People inherently know that perfection doesn't exist. Perfection requires tremendous fear to sustain. To ease the grip of fear, be kind to your own imperfections.

When you embrace imperfections, you can be truly who you are and freely express your wants or needs without judgement. You no longer need to fear rejection nor justify your existence. When you show kindness and care to yourself, it becomes easier to appreciate and embrace others' uniqueness.

Being kind to your imperfections is to love yourself and to realise that you are already perfect as you are.