The Right Relationships

People do not live in isolation. We live in tribes, neighbourhoods, communities. Our survival depends on relationships with others. It is the very nature of being human.

Often, we don't get to choose our relationships; parents, siblings, relatives. Other times, we choose who to let into our lives; friends, colleagues, bosses, lovers.

As the world becomes interconnected, overwhelmed and chaotic, sometimes we are not in the right mind or heart to determine who is the right person to have in our lives. It can get confusing.

How do you know if you are in the right relationship?

The right relationship should be healing. These relationships should make you feel accepted, safe and loved. Our friends or partners will guide us when we are wrong and acknowledges us when we are right.

If you feel worse, stupid, ignored or hurt you in any way, this person is not be suitable for you. To know if you are in the right relationship, ask yourself...

How does this person make me feel?