To Achieve More, Shatter Your Limitations And Go Further

There comes a time when you reach your boundaries and believe you cannot go further.

I can't go any further!

A first-time marathon runner wanting to give up in the last mile. A student wanting to give up on a complex subject. A hiker wishing to give up near the mountain top.

The notion of I can't is a story of the mind.

For who is the "I" that can't, and what is "can't" but a construct of the mind?

Go a little further. You may discover that you can achieve more than your expectations and perceived limitations.

When I can't appear, pause and take a deep breath. Observe where you are and look slightly beyond. Let your sense of wonder emerge.

What happens when I take one more step? What is around the corner or beyond the bend?

Going beyond need not be a big event. It could just be your willingness to see a little further, let things fall into place and keep going.

If I shoot at the sun, I may hit a star. P. T. Barnum

Inspired by Amy Schmidt's Dipa Ma: The Life and Legacy of a Buddhist Master