Follow Your Curiosity

Every living being has a sense of curiosity, the inherent desire to know. This deep-rooted desire motivates us to explore, discover and learn new things.

Curiosity is fuelled by your interests and requires less willpower. This motivates and guides you to work that you consider relevant. Also, it gives an additional boost of energy when things get tough.

Your curiosity dictates the types of projects/hobbies/work that is worth investing in. Everything else is demotivating and feels like a burden. Given a choice, you'd rather not, as it is not worth the time and money.

Curiosity is also driven by your identity. If you're an artist, you'll gravitate towards many art forms. If you're a scientist, you'll be attracted to many forms of scientific discussions, debates, research, and more.

Curiosity keeps your heart and mind open and leads you to places you've not considered. Following your curiosity is an adventure. One way to follow your curiosity is to ask

What is interesting about this?

If there is no answer, it's best to save your time and energy and move on to the next thing.

Inspired by Sonke Ahren's How to Take Smart Notes