Challenge Your Anger And Reveal Your Hidden Truths

You are never angry for the reasons you think.

Anger is a secondary emotion that hides a more profound pain, a sense of rejection, isolation or unworthiness.

Yet, this deeper pain is not real. ALL pain comes from attachment, the things we cannot let go of, even when it is no longer exists.

You bought a new car, with one tiny scratch, you start lashing out at everyone. Your identity was attached to your car, and a scratch threatens your identity.

Or your lover decided to leave you, and you start shouting or throwing things at them. Your self-worth was attached to your lover, and their rejection threatened your worth.

People refuse to face their inner pain. Instead, the pain is placed on others through blame or revenge. Toxicity spreads, and the cycle of anger perpetuates and escalates.

Instead, it is better to face your pain and forgive. Look beyond your anger to reveal the truth within.

Take a step back, and a few deep breaths and invite mindfulness to care for this strong emotion. With mindfulness, you will begin to understand your anger and heal it with compassion.