Blaming Can Become Addictive

Blaming is easy. Blame is expressing strong disapproval and making harsh criticisms of another person or group for their behaviour.

Blaming makes you feel superior because you believe you are right and others are wrong. Blaming makes you feel good temporarily. You numb your pain by placing the burden on someone else.

Blaming can become addictive. Blame the dealer while the addict continues to be addicted. Blame the addict for their addiction while you continue to sell addictive vices.

Blame makes you the victim because the responsibility falls on the blamed. But deep down, you know it is your problem to solve. No one else can do it for you.

Blaming doesn't help anyone, least of all yourself. Blame does not solve problems. Instead, it perpetuates and exacerbates the problem. Worst of all, blaming postpones necessary action to solve problems. Blaming is procrastination.

Look within and recognise that perhaps, you are afraid or insecure. No one likes to admit their inadequacies.

Instead of blame, ask for help. Problems are solved faster. Best of all, you are reconnected with the people who love and support you.