Manage Your Energy, Not Time

Energy is each person's unique reservoir of physical, emotional and cognitive resources. It fluctuates over time, age, health and many other factors. Each of us has a finite amount of energy.

Every day, energy is used to execute tasks, consume content or make decisions. At night, people sleep to restore and replenish their energy for another day.

To complete a specific task, the amateur uses more energy compared to the expert. To make a decision, a clear-minded person uses less energy compared to the anxious and doubtful.

When energy is depleted, you become tired. When you're tired, you lose your ability to think through decisions and to execute tasks optimally. Tiredness leads to the deterioration of the quality of your choices and the execution of tasks.

Be mindful and manage your energy wisely. First, observe and ask.

What drains your energy most? What gives you energy?

Next, decide how to reshuffle your tasks or decisions to optimise your energy to achieve the most essential things in life.

What can you let go of? What can you have more of?

Finally, continue to observe your energy levels and make adjustments accordingly.