A Real Friend Require Radical Honesty

Many people come and go in our lives. Some remain acquaintances, where social niceties are the rule. Others may become virtual friends, people at a distance who know your online persona but not the real you in real life.

If fortunate, you might have real friends. A real friend is someone who can take your radical honesty. Radical honesty is your natural reaction that is not filtered by social expectations or norms. Radical honesty is about being entirely candid. It is not about brutal criticism.

Real friends do not judge or take offence to your frankness. They may disagree and be radically honest in return.

Radical honesty is a good test to determine who is a true friend. When you cannot be honest with someone, you need to wear a mask and filter what you say. This requires extra effort and energy.

Your energy will be depleted in the long run because you need to recall what was said and what not to say. Being around them becomes challenging and just not fun.

Energy is finite, save as much as possible. Be energised with real friends.