Progress By Seeking The Truth

True progress cannot be made unless we know the truth. To see the truth, you need to break down your illusions that protect or inflate your ego.

The ego is a mental construction of your identity. Illusions are beliefs and stories created based on your ego's desires and are rarely found in reality.

For example, thoughts such as I'm better than you or Nobody likes me is false. These illusory statements build and reinforce your identity. In reality, your identity is ever-changing and dynamic, and you are never the same person from moment to moment.

When illusions shatter, your ego breaks down, and you may feel loss, frustration or despair. When you suffer, you leave your comfort zone and experience the truth.

By seeking the truth, you make progress. The more truths you discover about yourself and the world, the more wisdom you gain. Wisdom is about taking risks and learning from your actions. With wisdom, you become a more mindful and compassionate person, armed with insights in coping with the vicissitudes of life.

Inspired by Eric Jorgenson's The Almanack Of Naval Ravikhant