Make Your Own Mistakes

Making mistakes is the discovery of new information that is not available within your knowledge. For example, discovering that there are purple cauliflower, not just white. Or that traffic can flow on the left, not just the right. When you discover a mistake, you can decide to accept or ignore this new information.

If you choose to accept this new information, your own knowledge is updated. With updated knowledge, you are more able to seek practical resources to cope with life's stresses. You will be better able to navigate life's ever-changing landscape.

If you choose to dismiss this new information, your knowledge remains outdated. It means choosing to drive through life with multiple blind spots. You will constantly be stressed, shocked or outraged with life's unexpected surprises.

Your knowledge cannot be updated with the mistakes of others. Each person's knowledge is unique to their education, socialisation and experiences. The mistakes of others are based on their knowledge.

We can respect the advice, lessons, guidance offered by others through their mistakes. Yet, it is better to walk the path on your own and make your own mistakes.