Grow From Adversity

Major life crises or traumatic events are inevitable for some, such as divorce, disease, or death. In crises, people lose livelihoods, homes, identities, loved ones, and more.

People suffer deep emotional pains and psychological distress. These crises can rip your world apart, tear down your beliefs, and force you to confront pain.

Despite tremendous suffering, many survivors experience post-traumatic growth, which is the positive and powerful internal shifts that come from adversity.

People who experience post-traumatic growth have their mindsets altered, their relationships transformed, and a greater appreciation of life. Others gain a greater sense of spiritual development, recognising that life is impermanent and transient.

Lives will never be the same again.

Yet, post-traumatic growth is not universal and needs to be encouraged. Cultivate post-traumatic growth by ensuring basic needs are met, such as sufficient sleep, regular exercise, staying hydrated and consuming nutritious foods.

Give time and space by listening with patience, compassion and non-judgement. Finally, encourage others to seek professional help.

When humanity struggles with protracted conflicts, climate change and global pandemics, we need to do all we can to help each other.

Inspired by Bessel van der Kolk's The Body Keeps the Score