To Learn and Remember Better, You Need To Write

Everything needs writing.

Writing helps you to understand, learn and remember. Every time you look at your notes, it triggers your memory. With every trigger, your memory becomes stronger and stronger.

Writing helps you investigate and tease out the complexity of an idea, concept or argument. Writing makes your thoughts and ideas visual and concrete. When you see words on the paper or screen, you can have conversations and debates to help make sense and build upon your ideas.

When you have enough writing, topics of interest will emerge, and it becomes your guide for further learning. If you follow your curiosities, you will discover new disciplines and maybe parts of yourself you've never known before.

Writing is for everyone.

Don't believe that writing is only for writers, researchers, academics or students. To start, you need to write down your thoughts as often as possible. Write ideas in your notebook. Write your problems in your journal every day. Jot down thoughts on a note-taking app.

When you can express in writing, you are closer to the clarity you seek.

Inspired by Sonke Ahrens' How to Take Smart Notes