Words Make Magic

Words contain power. When used well, words can make magic. Magic is used to make something appear or occur, especially in people.

Good magic is when words are used to transform, enlighten or bring people together. Words of praise and goodwill bring joy and happiness. Words of love bring happiness and peace.

Bad magic is when words are used to banish, harm and segregate people. Words of criticism bring misery. Words of anger and hatred bring violence and chaos.

Those who know how to harness the power of words is a magician. Magicians use words to cast spells and make others do things they may or may not want to do.

Good magicians heal the wounded, lift suffering and create miracles. Evil magicians inflict wounds, impose suffering and create chaos.

Learn to use words wisely. Be a good magician. To start your magician's training, observe your words every moment and ask yourself...

Do your words bring sadness or joy? Suffering or peace? Isolation or compassion? Hatred or love?

With continued daily practice, you'll one day become a magician that makes every day a miracle for everyone.