Make And Be Discovered

To be discovered, you need to make things and put them to the world.

Many people make things but are afraid to show them to others. They worry about being judged or criticised, like the closet musician or artist.

You cannot be discovered if you don't express it.

Others talk about wanting to learn a skill or craft, like singing or dancing or writing. But, they procrastinate. They have a solid justification, either no time nor money. Or they believe they are not good enough. They are afraid to start. You cannot be skilful if you don't practice.

Be courageous. Have a maker's mindset.

A maker's mindset is someone who takes every opportunity to practice their craft, continuously make things and express it. By offering to the world, you receive feedback on what works and what doesn't. With every expression of your craft, your skill becomes better and better.

Eventually, people will discover the beauty and value of your work. Express yourself uniquely, make people happy, and the right people will find you.