Marriage Is NOT The Prize

Women are taught that marriage is the sole purpose of their life. Because of this, many women wait their whole lives to be married.

This comes from a long history of women being seen as objects, not human beings with feelings or desires. Her life is in the hands of men, to do as they please.

We know better now.

No one should have control over another. Everyone has the right to be treated as individuals with their unique desires.

So, stop the needless gossip and silly debates on why a woman is unmarried, which usually implies her inadequacy. This is false.

It is a myth that unmarried women become crazy spinsters with many cats. Tell that to Jane Austin, Coco Chanel, Oprah Winfrey, or the many other fascinating unmarried women in the world.

A person's life is how they choose to make of it. Don't assume all women want marriage. Also, wanting marriage is not wrong either. Everyone should be respected for their life choices, even if you disagree with them.