Handle Conflicts By Avoiding Them

One major reason why conflict occurs is because of competition. In a competition, one is judged to be in a more advantageous position than the other. To win, you can either gain support from others or engage in conflict.

People who choose to engage in conflict are constantly finding ways to tear the other person down. They do this by attacking the other through physical, psychological, emotional, social and even economic means.

Anyone who engages in conflict will always lose. Even if you are the winner, you will have lost time, energy, relationships or resources to gain or maintain your position.

The most effective way to handle conflict is to avoid people who enjoy engaging in conflict. These people make complicated relationships.

Life gives us enough trouble as it is. Associating with difficult and high-conflict people will only add to your problems.

Instead, look for people who are joyful and supportive. Hence, should any conflict arise, it can be dealt with quickly with their support.