Aim For Lifestyle, Not Goals

Often, people don't know if their selected goal makes them happy or successful. The goals are usually based on comparing with others. Or goals are based on other people's beliefs of a happy and successful life.

But, everyone is built differently. People are handed different cards in life. What makes someone happy, doesn't necessarily make someone else happy.

Also, once you achieve your desired goal of a new house/car/job, what next?

Instead of aiming for an arbitrary goal, aim to shape your lifestyle.

A goal is a destination, a faraway and unknown place. A lifestyle is how you travel; your choice of a vehicle based on your needs and preferences.

A goal keeps your mind in the future. A lifestyle keeps your mind in the present.

A goal means working hard for an end that may or may never come. A lifestyle means having your end today and refining it every day.

In the long run, successful and happy people live their desired lifestyle, not those who live to achieve their goals.