Every Moment Is Precious

Witnessing the birth of a newborn or the death of a loved one is a precious gift. This gift is the witnessing of a universal phenomenon; death becomes life, and life becomes death.

In witnessing life and death, we come to terms with our mortality. Life and death take on a different meaning.

It is no longer about existing in the world and letting time pass by.

At any moment, the person you have just met, or spoke to, or loved, may be gone forever.

At any moment, you will lose the chance to do what is needed while you're still alive; to ask for forgiveness, to express thanks, to say I love you, or to wish someone goodbye.

Every moment counts. Because at any time, this very moment will be gone forever and never return.

You can no longer take each day, each moment of your life, for granted.

Time is precious.

In the grand scheme of things, our lives are momentary. Then, one begins to question everything; your work, your activities, your relationships, your lifestyle... everything.

How do you want to live this life?