Broken Down or Broken Open?

Life is rarely smooth sailing. Every living being goes through challenging situations. Yet, people can choose to be either get broken down or broken open. The difference between broken down and broken open is that one demolishes while the other transforms.

Broken down means you allow challenging situations to keep you down. These bad moments are given more power than they ought to. It takes precedents over your work, your confidence, and everything that matters to you. When broken down, your life gets interrupted. You get stuck in a negative spiral till you're no longer the person you were before.

Broken open means you dig deep to find the power within to overcome difficult situations. In unearthing your depths, you are transformed. The old self is no longer helpful for you to survive and thrive.

When broken open, your life gets interrupted, and your old self makes way for your new self. Like the caterpillar struggling through the cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly, you become the person you thought never existed before.

When you face a difficult situation, will you get broken down or broken open?