The World Is Our Inner Reality

The outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

What you see in the world is what is going on inside you. If you see hatred, there is hatred within. If you see love, there is love within. Likewise, when love, happiness, hatred, prejudice and many others exist within you, it is the first thing you recognise in the outer world.

Reality in itself is neutral and does not judge.

Our senses detect our experiences, and our minds interpret the experiences received by our senses. Different minds mean people interpret sensory experiences differently, like the dark blue/white gold dress or the yanny/laurel sound.

Thus, your interpretation of reality reflects what goes on in our hearts and minds. If you want to see different things in the world, you need to change within before it can exist in the outside world.

Our interpretation of reality is subjective. Many people experience the same reality but have different interpretations.

You can interpret your reality however you choose, and by changing your interpretation, you can change your reality.

Inspired by Eric Jorgenson's The Almanack Of Naval Ravikhant