When the talking stops, so does the relationship.

Relationships are made from conversations. When there is no conversation, there is no relationship. Relationships come in all forms, especially parent-child, teacher-student, boss-employee, friends, colleagues, neighbours and lovers.

These relationships cannot exist if you do not communicate with them. When you want to end a relationship, you stop talking to them. That's why ghosting hurts.

The best is to speak to each other in person. One-on-one. Mano-e-mano.

You can see everything in-person: verbal and non-verbal, physical and emotional. You can see the other fully and not an edited/filtered version of themselves.

If it is not possible, any other form of communication is better than none; video/audio calls, audio messages, chats, email, or even a postcard.

Conversations become more challenging with important and intimate relationships. Because you expect more from those closest to you, and you will inevitably be disappointed.

So, you have to keep turning up and keep talking. Even if you show up imperfectly, it shows you care, you are thinking of them, and you will keep talking till things work out.

Things will work out for the best.