Things Exist Because of Its Opposites

Things exist in relation to other things.

You cannot see the light unless there is darkness. You cannot have wisdom unless you recognise ignorance. You cannot experience happiness unless you have touched sadness.

All things in nature need their opposite to exist.

Even characteristics within you have their opposites. You become smart because you have experienced stupidity. You become healthy because you once experienced illness. You become compassionate because you experienced suffering.

Also, all things in nature are impermanent.

A thriving forest can become a dessert. An athlete can lose their limbs. A rich person can suddenly be poor.

And so, in difficult times, remember that good times will eventually appear. When in a desirable situation, remember the undesirable situation may eventually materialise.

To manage the dynamic balance of opposites, it is best to focus and appreciate the lessons of the present moment, for it too will change.

Inspired by Alan Watt's The Book: About The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are