Compare With Yourself, Not With Others

Do not compare yourself with others. Comparing with others is like chasing a mirage, an illusory image in your mind that is not real.

We are all born with varying privileges and in different circumstances. Some will be richer and poorer than you. Prettier or uglier than you. More talented or less talented than you.

Like the mirage, you cannot know for sure if you are comparing yourself with the reality of others. Most everyone will only show their best and hide their worst. It is tempting to compare the best of others to the worst of yourself.

And so, comparing with others is self-defeating and not productive. It makes us feel inadequate and limits our thinking and actions.

Instead, compare with your past self. Are you a better person today compared to yesterday? Are you more skilled than before? Or are you kinder today than your past self?

Make progress that is based on your circumstances, skills, privileges, and personality. Be bold in making authentic choices. Be courageous in taking your own pace.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Work on yourself. Be proud of yourself.