Compliments Don't Cost Anything

Everyone has something beautiful about them. We are all made differently. Each person has a quirk that makes them beautiful, exciting and unique.

People are not used to giving or receiving compliments. We are constantly told that we're not good enough or that we are far from society's impossible standards. This comparison creates a society of constant competition and self-criticism.

Moreover, how can anyone know their inner or outer beauty if no one has ever pointed it out? When you notice something beautiful in others, you can be the person to point it out.

Compliments do not cost anything. When you give a praise, it offers great happiness to others. This is especially helpful if others are going through a difficult time.

Be specific about the compliment. What makes them unique? Is it their smile? Their twinkling eyes? The sheen in their hair?

Then, with a great big smile on your face, share your compliment. Watch their faces light up and return your big smile. For a moment, you can feel your heart becoming warm and fuzzy.

Inspired by Life of a Daymaker by David Wagner