Have A Little Fun Every Day

Life can get too serious. At times, it seems like the universe is throwing problems at us non-stop. Arguments with your partner. Children misbehave. Scape-goated at work.

Life's seriousness needs to be complemented with frivolousness. One without the other creates an unbalanced mind and unsettled feelings.

Having fun means doing things for its own sake. It is not about achieving a goal. You do it because you want to. It does not need to take too long. Singing in the shower. Trying a new cocktail recipe. Dancing to a song.

When you have fun, you can just be you. Drop the social politeness and masks. It's a reminder of who you are and what you are capable of.

Having fun cultivates inner joy and self-love, like a slow-moving cloud on a gentle breeze across the sky.

If everyone takes the time to have a little fun daily, it keeps the energy light, minds open and heart loving. Then your problems do not seem as challenging to handle.

Take time to have some fun every day.