There is Power in Presence

Presence is when your body, mind, and heart are aware and focused on the present moment.

The body is not restless nor eager to go elsewhere. The mind does not wander to the future nor ruminate about the past. The heart does not fear nor reject what is in front of them.

With presence, you stay open to the surprises and delights of the moment. The present moment can contain the joyful and the tearful, terrifying and the frustrating.

Presence makes you powerful.

Presence is like a spotlight. People, issues, happenings and more get noticed under the spotlight. Presence illuminates that which lurks in the shadows, hidden or unnoticed.

Once brought to light, transformation happens. Talent strengthens. Weaknesses weaken. Anger subsides. Pain heals. Love amplifies.

When presence is second nature, you accept and embrace the richness of life as it unfolds.

In turn, you become a better version of yourself.