True Generosity Is Rare

Generosity is the willingness to part with something of value for the benefit of others. It could be a donation of cash, food, clothes or other personal belongings. It could also be the giving of time and talents.

Yet, true generosity is rare.

Some people give because their belongings are no longer valued, like sending unwanted things to a charity shop to clear your storeroom.

Some people give for publicity, like celebrities or politicians basking in media glory for their hefty donations to the less fortunate.

Genuinely generous people bring joy, freedom and empowerment to those around them. True giving makes you realise that you have more than you think.

True generosity has no attachment to outcomes. They give freely and without expectations. They don't expect appreciation, acknowledgement, rewards or reciprocity of their generosity.

Generosity reduces your sense of attachment and greed. Everything is impermanent. Giving reminds you that it is pointless to cling to things that eventually fade away.

True generosity helps foster kindness and empathy. Because you can sense the suffering in others, you give to alleviate suffering.

Practice giving without expectations and your life will transform.

Inspired by Christopher Moon's The Power of the Gift