Money Is An Endorsement

Exchanging money is fast and straightforward. Yet, it has real-world consequences.

For most of our adult life, our time and energy are spent on making money. Yet, when you spend money, you show that your time and energy in earning that money are worth spending on the things you buy. Also, you are endorsing the practices of the organisations that provide these products or services and encouraging them to continue.

For example, if you purchase from a local farmer, you let them know which products you enjoy and support them in continuing their farming practices.

If the local farmer helps the community or nurtures the environment, your money is an endorsement for the farmer to continue its way. However, if the local farmer steals land or uses harmful chemicals that destroy the environment, your money is an endorsement to continue its methods.

Be aware. How you spend your money is a reflection of your values. What you choose to spend on can impact the lives of many others.