Meditation Uncovers Hidden Patterns Of Your Life

Meditation is the practice of training attention and awareness. With practice, a person can achieve mental clarity and emotional stability. Various meditation techniques are available, such as mindfulness, focused attention on an object, and chanting much more. In meditation, you observe how your mind works and the deeply rooted patterns that control your life.

Is it focused or scattered? Is it aware of every moment or lost in illusions? Is it agitated or compassionate?

How you are in meditation is how you are in life.

All your actions and decisions come from your mind. What happens in the external is a reflection of your inner world. The more you observe and learn about your mind, the more clarity and stability you gain. You are better able to overcome life's challenges.

Reflect on your meditative practice by asking these questions.

  • How awake are you in your life?
  • Are you really living? Or thinking about living?
  • Are you living your life as how you are in meditation?

Inspired by Amy Schmidt's Dipa Ma: The Life and Legacy of a Buddhist Master