How To Know Who Your Real Friends Are

Many people come and go in our lives. Some become friends and stay. While others walk down different paths and choose to leave.

When you meet new people, sometimes they behave in a way that is hard to define. Doubt nags your mind, and suspicion lingers in your heart.

Are they genuine? Or are they superficially lovely because they want something from you?  You want to give the benefit of the doubt. After all, everyone is different. Perhaps it is only a misunderstanding.

One way to know if someone can be real friend it reflect on these questions.

How does your body respond to this person? Your body is intelligent and it can tell you many things about a situation that your conscious mind cannot detect.

How much can you be your authentic self? Pretending to be someone else means the friendship is based on false appearances anyway.

If you ask this person for feedback, can they be respectfully and lovingly honest? A real friend gives honest feedback because they have your best interest at heart, and they care.

Your time and energy is precious. Keep only real friends and let go the others.