Write Down Your Thoughts

Sometimes, thoughts repeat themselves endlessly. It lingers in our minds. Emotional, conflicting, confusing thoughts are the fuel for rumination. Rumination leads to fear, worry and anxiety. Rumination cannot end with more rumination.

Writing helps to clarify thoughts. Writing makes your thoughts visible. It helps to get your thoughts outside your head and into the world.

As you write, you read your thoughts. Words on paper is a mirror of your mind. You have a better view of what is going on in your head. As you continue to write and read, the repetition of thoughts begin to evolve, resolve and dissolve.

Some voices seem utterly dramatic that it is hard to take them seriously. Others voices might turn out to be a dreadful bore that it gets dropped immediately.

Sometimes, your thoughts on paper may give insight, a way out of the problem. These writings encourage conversation, helping evolve or refine the seeds of an idea into a world-changing speech, invention, or project.

To end the repetition of thoughts, write it down. Keep a notebook or a diary. Practice writing down your thoughts often.