Question Always

People are constantly seeking power. With power, you can influence others to do things for you.

To gain power and support, people feed others with narratives that evoke strong emotions. With the support of many, people behave consciously or unconsciously to the bidding of those in power. These behaviours can either help or harm others.

Don't be another sheep. Be conscious of your actions. Have a few questions in mind with every book you read, video you watch or story you listen to. Protect yourself from these narratives by questioning them constantly.

  • What is this about?
  • Who are the people sharing this? Are they credible and reliable?
  • Why are they sharing this? What is their agenda?
  • What information or perspective is missing?
  • What other questions should I ask?

Once you receive answers to these questions, take the time to reflect and ask the final question...

What is my position?

With every new information, go through these questions again. Change your position as you see fit.