An astonishing misconception: Your Future is not Your Past.

The past shapes the present, but the future does not always resemble the past. Whether good or bad, your current situation results from your past actions.

In your subconscious mind, the past is still happening in the present. The things you see around you are coloured by your past. The relationships, conflicts, or any psychological patterns continue into the present.

Previously, you had an abusive partner and believe that all potential partners will be abusive.

Yet, the circumstances of the past are different compared to your future.

In the past, you might have less knowledge, skill or experience, and you may not have the resources or means to achieve your goals. Also, you were surrounded by different kinds of people, supportive or not.

The past can't be changed, and the future has yet to arrive.

You can learn from the past. As follows, your present self, which is more knowledgable, skilled and wise, will shape your future.

The future does not always resemble the past. With greater awareness and agency, you can change your life.