New Stories Mean New Life

We tell stories of our lives because stories protect us. It is a reminder of our life's suffering and our survival.

We adopt stories from the people in our lives, our family, relationships and community. If unchecked, these stories can become barriers to our future. A personal story can start with Because I'm this X... I'm always Y.

For example, Because I'm old, I'm always rejected in job interviews. or Because I'm a woman, I'm always ignored or dismissed.

Listening to stories help to clarify one's behaviour. A story that does not serve us will trap us in the past. It becomes a barrier. Old beliefs prevent us from creating new beliefs.

Our stories should serve to help build a better future. Creating and writing new stories means we can adopt new behaviours. We have the free will and agency to create new stories.

A new story mean a new life. We can write new pages, chapters, plots, themes and lessons. We can continuously edit, refine and delete.

It is our life.