A Good Reason Why Interruption Is A Productivity Killer

To stay competitive, people strive for productivity in their work.

Productivity is the ratio of input and output. When productivity is low, more information is needed to achieve acceptable results. When productivity is high, less input is required for optimal production.

One surefire way to improve your personal productivity is to do your work alone and without interruptions. When you're alone, you can focus all your attention on the task at hand and complete it faster than anticipated. But it would be best if you protected alone time from interruptions.

When there is an interruption, you switch your mode of thinking, and it takes time and effort to switch in and out of tasks mentally. And so, your work takes longer than needed to be completed.

To improve personal productivity, find ways to defend your focus, and eliminate distractions. Do less distracting things, such as sending "likes" or replying to emails. Remove the unimportant, such as notifications on your devices and unnecessary group chats.

Then, fiercely protect your alone time. Find your quiet space, away from the outside world.

Inspired by Jason Fried and David H Hansson's Rework