You Can Always Restart

Life is made up of many moments. Moments arise and pass away. The only things that keep these moments together are your attachments to people, things and their memories.

A warm soup on a cold day brings happy memories of when your mother cared for you as a child.

The sight of a spider brings fearful memories of when you were trapped.

A word by a stranger, slander or cat-calls, bring traumatic memories of when you were harassed.

These memories keep you enslaved to present-day reactions. The past and present moments are not linked, except for you and your reactions to long-held memories.

Every new moment that arises is a chance for you to start anew.

It is the opportunity to change your mindset, perspectives, and attachment to the past.

The warm soup is only soup. A spider is just a spider, and a word is only a word.

To restart your life, you need to learn to see things as it is. As you continue to practice, you will no longer be enslaved by your past. With each new moment is your chance to start life anew.