When You Listen, The Wisdom Of Your Heart Arises

There are times when you are filled with doubt or steeped in anxiety. Everywhere you turn, every available option seems to have unsettling consequences.

You were offered a good salary but tedious work, or a poor wage but exciting work. Or you may gain great rewards for an illegal task but be haunted by fear and guilt; refuse, and you'll become the scapegoat.

Doubt and worry arise because there is fear. You are afraid of making the wrong choice, missing out, being rejected, or being ridiculed. With the wrong choice, your ego gets bruised, and you cannot help but hide in shame.

No matter the situation, the answer is within all of us.

Sit in silence and listen. As you listen, a clear knowing arises, erasing doubts. Your inner wisdom reveals a path, shows you a direction or whispers a piece of advice.

Its calling might be uncomfortable, daunting or even challenging. Yet deep down, you know it is the right course of action. Resisting the call is denying yourself.

You always know what you truly want. Be gentle. Be patient and listen.

You will know the answers for yourself from inside. Keep listening. Dipa Ma

Inspired by Amy Schmidt's Dipa Ma: The Life and Legacy of a Buddhist Master