Find Common Ground

Disagreements are inevitable. They occur because of differences in opinion, values, character or way of life. Unresolved disputes can lead to conflict and possibly broken relationships.

One way to resolve conflict is to find common ground. Sometimes, differences can be extreme, that similarities seem non-existent. Don't give up. There are always some similarities.

Our identities are complex and multi-layered. Within the complex and multi-layered identities, there exists a commonality. It is formed by our heritage, religion, relationship, career and much more. No matter how small it may be.

When you identify a commonality, it creates a bridge between people. Conversations are kept open, and people can better relate to each other. For example, you both love football or traditional cuisines or investing in cryptocurrency. When conversations happen around shared topics, you have the chance to know each other better, foster cooperation and build trust.

Also, having a common ground does not mean you agree with them on everything. But, it does mean giving a chance for relationships to flourish and problems to be solved.

In times of distressing disagreements, discover the common ground that unites everyone.