Decisions Are Expressions Of Creativity

We make decisions all the time, small and large.

Small decisions, such as taking a different route home or trying another cuisine for dinner, is a creative expression. Significant decisions, such as changing careers, moving cities, or changing lovers, are also creative.

Before taking a decision, we need to reflect, analyse, select, and act upon them. We create, edit, delete, or transform our careers, relationships, and ultimately, our lives with every decision taken.

And so, we are all creative.

As creatives, we constantly enter into the unknown. We can make informed and intelligent guesses, but the outcomes are uncertain and not guaranteed. Having no control of the result can be frightful or exciting.

Will people like my choices? Will people dislike my creativity? Will I regret it?

Some may dislike, criticise or abhor the life you create for yourself. Don't be surprised if many others may be inspired, adore or support your choices, especially yourself.

No matter the outcome, be proud of your choices. For only you are responsible for leading and creating your own life.